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System Era Softworks is an independent game development studio located in Seattle, WA. We are always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team as we build Astroneer and beyond.

System Era is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity at our studio. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We look for candidates who are eager to join a team with a varied set of backgrounds, experiences, interests, and viewpoints.

Current Open Positions

Lead Graphics Engineer

System Era is searching for a creative and skilled engineer to lead graphics development at the studio!

As Lead Graphics Engineer at System Era, you have the opportunity to drive rendering technology forward for the company. You have a passion for collaborating with an art team to develop visual targets that inspire the team and the technical skills needed to make those targets a reality. With a broad understanding of rendering techniques, you understand the complex trade-offs each presents in terms of implementation time, runtime performance, visual quality, and artist workflows. In addition, you understand that visual style and quality strongly affect gameplay, and that the nature of common gameplay scenarios can inform the effectiveness and impact of a given rendering technique. This motivates you to collaborate with designers and gameplay engineers to ensure that gameplay and visuals are cohesive and mutually supportive of one another. Putting all these pieces together, you pick the combination of techniques and pipelines that is most aligned with the project’s goals given the resources available.

Using a procedural world generation pipeline, fully dynamic gameplay environments, targeting a wide range of hardware, and keeping our team small are priorities that present a unique set of challenges for us at System Era. You share our view that managing complexity and finding simple, elegant solutions to the problems at hand are key to our success. You don’t hesitate to learn the hardware and toolsets for each platform and plan for how your systems will scale across the target range. As a senior leader on the engineering team, you set a positive example with your commitment to quality, provide valuable input in technical discussions, and work to educate the team in your area of expertise.

Due to COVID-19, the System Era team is currently working remotely. Relocation to Seattle once it is safe and reasonable to do so is preferred, but permanently remote work is negotiable for this role. Employees in the Seattle area will continue to enjoy hybrid in-office and remote work options even after restrictions on in-office work are lifted.

Compensation includes salary, benefits with full medical and dental coverage, 401k with company match, participation in profit sharing, and relocation assistance. We look for candidates who value joining a team with a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences, interests, and viewpoints.


  1. 7+ years of professional experience as a game engineer, with shipped titles on at least two generations of console platforms.
  2. Excellent C/C++ programming and debugging skills.
  3. Strong shader programming skills.
  4. Excellent understanding of profiling tools and optimization techniques.
  5. Deep understanding of game engine components and architecture, particularly rendering and asset pipelines.
  6. Deep understanding of modern hardware architectures, especially as they relate to rendering technology.
  7. Comprehensive understanding of common rendering techniques and their applications.
  8. Strong 3D math skills.
  9. Excellent written and verbal communication skills


  1. Collaborate with the art department to develop visual targets and technical requirements for System Era’s rendering technologies.
  2. Choose the appropriate techniques to execute on our rendering goals, with consideration for trade-offs in implementation time, runtime performance, visual quality, and overall importance to the artistic vision.
  3. Work with our technical artist to develop pipelines for art assets which maximize the efficiency of the art team’s workflows.
  4. Lead and own the development of rendering technology based on the established technical requirements, chosen techniques, and desired workflows.
  5. Ensure that rendering frame rate targets are hit across all target platforms.
  6. Educate the team on best practices for using rendering technologies, and work with the rest of the engineering team to develop the APIs between rendering and other game systems as needed.
  7. Contribute to System Era’s overall engineering excellence by participating in technical design discussions and regular engineering team meetings.

Nice To Have

  1. Unreal Engine 4 experience.
  2. Familiarity with data-oriented design paradigms.
  3. Experience developing and working with non-rendering low-level systems, such as memory allocators, threading architecture, and/or physics engines.
  4. Experience working with procedural world generation systems.
  5. Experience working on multiplayer games.
Apply to: Lead Graphics Engineer Position

Senior Concept Artist

System Era is searching for a Senior Concept Artist to join our creative team and help shape the vibrant worlds of Astroneer!

As the team’s primary concept artist, the galaxy of Astroneer becomes your canvas. Here you will be responsible for creating a wide variety of artwork to support the production of exciting new features and explorations across every stage of development. From envisioning fresh new worlds full of exotic flora, to the vehicles, props, and characters that are designed to explore them. Bringing these ideas to life will mean collaborating closely with the design and narrative teams to visualize and shape gameplay goals with early sketches, mood boards, and constructive feedback. Transforming pre-production work into production ready design sheets along with constructive feedback will be essential as you help guide the content team’s creation of final assets. Ensuring that assets remain consistent to the brand while also leveraging bold designs to communicate gameplay function and player interaction. And beyond individual assets, the team will look to your expertise when establishing visual paradigms used to define the look and feel of new content types. A keen eye for detail and excellent communication skills will be important as you work to balance the overall art style with the needs of the games unique diegetic UI.

On this journey you will be collaborating with a highly motivated team of individuals who are each responsible for contributing to the growth and well-being of the project and studio through open and honest discussion. We look for candidates who value joining a team with diverse backgrounds, experiences, interests, and viewpoints, so we encourage you to apply even if you don’t meet every qualification, as long as you believe you have something positive to contribute.

This is a full-time position. Compensation includes salary, benefits with full medical, vision, and dental coverage, 401k with company match, generous PTO policy, participation in profit sharing, equipment budget for remote work, and may include relocation assistance.

Please note that due to COVID-19, the System Era team is currently working remotely. As it becomes safe and reasonable to do so, the studio will transition to a hybrid work schedule combining both on-site and remote work. Unless otherwise noted, all our open positions will begin as remote work, but with the expectation of eventual co-location with the team in Seattle, WA. New employees from outside of Washington state will be expected to establish residency in Washington within 14 days of their start date.


  1. 5+ Years industry experience as a Concept Artist
  2. Online portfolio with high quality examples that showcase strong stylization and a variety of subject matter
  3. Demonstrated ability to clearly communicate functional elements and gameplay design considerations in concepts
  4. Previous experience designing hard surface props and/or vehicles
  5. Expert proficiency with Photoshop or comparable 2D content creation software
  6. Strong understanding of artistic fundamentals and a solid use of color, composition, and form
  7. Self-motivated, excellent communication skills, and the ability to provide instruction
  8. Experience working with offsite team members or outsource partners
  9. Ability to quickly iterate and adapt when in collaborative work scenarios
  10. A general understanding of the 3D art and animation asset pipelines


  1. Work closely with project leads to define, maintain, and expand the project's core visual direction
  2. Visualize planetary environment designs with detailed breakdowns and concepts call-outs of supporting assets
  3. Create a wide variety of production concepts for props, characters, vehicles, and environmental content
  4. Illustrate early explorations of new features to help inform the feature design and provide contextual examples
  5. Support the content teams with guidance and feedback to ensure an accurate translation of concepts into 3D
  6. Work directly with external partners on the creation of specialized or supplemental illustration work
  7. Collaborate with other disciplines to translate gameplay and narrative design goals into concept examples
  8. Provide insights on aesthetic and functional considerations when in collaborative problem-solving discussions with other disciplines
  9. Work with Art Director to establish visual systems and guidelines for the creation of new content families
  10. Take part in the creation of art content designed for marketing and PR needs
  11. Perform research and reference gathering in support of the visual development of new features
  12. Support ongoing development by actively participating in design reviews, playtests, and feedback sessions

Nice To Have

  1. 3D art experience such as modeling, sculpting, or rendering
  2. Unreal Engine experience
  3. Solid understanding of Astroneer’s art style
  4. An interest in science fiction, aerospace, and space exploration
Apply to: Senior Concept Artist Position

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