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Working at System Era

System Era Softworks is an independent game development studio located in Seattle. We are looking for incredibly talented people to join our team as we continue to build Astroneer and beyond. Below is a list of the current positions we are looking to fill. If you feel you'd be a good fit for one of those positions we'd love to hear from you. Please send along your information to

Current Open Positions

3D Artist

Artists working on Astroneer are as strong (or stronger!) visual designers as they are 3D modelers. You are an artist who understands the game System Era is creating, the goals of the team during any given time, and can craft original visual designs for those goals. You do not require someone else to concept or reference ideas for you. You put as much effort in to the efficiency of the mesh or texture you’ve made as you do the portrayal of the idea or design you are building. Ideally you have a strong interest in mechanical design, aerospace design, and/or science fiction that is more grounded in reality than it is whimsy or fantastical.

We do our best when surrounded by people that can help build this game in multiple ways. As a 3D artist on Astroneer, having an interest in other creative mediums that would benefit the growth of the game would be incredibly helpful and encouraged.


  • Has an understanding of Astroneer’s art style and can see limitless possibilities in its limitations.
  • A strong visual designer.
  • Proficient in 3D modeling and 2D texture creation.
  • Professional experience working on video games and/or real-time 3D modeling and textures.
  • A portfolio of 3D artwork that reflects a style similar to Astroneer.

Nice to Have:

  • Can show they understand our style and are strong visual designers by completing the optional art test (See below)
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4
  • Senior experience in video game development.
  • An interest in science fiction, aerospace, and space exploration.
  • A portfolio that reflects a style similar to Astroneer.

Optional Art Test

This test is NOT mandatory for artists to apply to System Era to work on Astroneer.

Our most important qualifications of any artist that applies for the job is that they both understand the boundaries of our art style and are strong visual designers. This optional art test is set up as a means for artists to demonstrate those qualities to our team. If you feel your portfolio already reflects those important qualities we encourage you to NOT do the art test and apply. Otherwise, the following description is up for you to interpret and design in-engine video game art around.

If you decide to try out the optional art test please include images of your test when emailing for the position!

  • Create a medium size base module that an Astroneer can place on any given planet to interact with another Astroneer asynchronously.
  • Do not use any satellite dishes in your design.

Send your resume to to be considered for this role.

Senior Engineer - Dev Ops and Services

As the devops and services engineer at System Era, you would be responsible for most of the studio's interfaces with backend server ops, both in internal development scenarios and for game clients. You would own internal services including build automation and deployment, as well as external service interaction code such as matchmaking lifecycle and e-commerce, and cross-over services including crash reporting and telemetry. You are excellent at designing platform abstractions, REST APIs, a master of security and authentication, and skilled at identifying and solving data bottlenecks in high-volume pipelines.


  • Deep understanding of SCM APIs, branch management, and deployment into store portals.
  • Experience with C++ build systems.
  • Familiar with OS and network troubleshooting
  • Strong C/C++ coding and debugging skills.
  • Experience with C#, Python, or Javascript.
  • 5+ years industry experience having shipped at least 1 title.
  • Bachelor's Degree in relevant field (or equivalent experience)

Nice to Have:

  • Experience with Steam, Xbox, Sony matchmaking APIs
  • Experience with other major 3rd party services APIs
  • 10+ years experience and multiple titles shipped.

Send your resume to to be considered for this role.

Senior Technical Designer

Working on Astroneer you will influence and take responsibility for the design direction of an ever expanding core gameplay experience, by building new features and discoverables that fit the vision of what makes this game unique. If you love what we've begun with Astroneer's interaction scheme, physical gameplay mechanics, procedural encounters, and in-world progression, and if you know how to make it all better in Unreal Engine, then join us to help build what you believe will be the most accessible and memorable game in recent history. Your job is to be an indie game developer on a grand scale.


  • A portfolio of prototypes/games/projects (of any size!) that you built yourself.
  • Experience working within larger teams and the ability to work within constraints.
  • Leadership experience and professional team game development experience (not necessarily at the same place!). This is a growing team.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 and some familiarity with C++.

Nice to Have:

  • You challenge the status quo with humility, and use this to create excellent game design.
  • You desire ownership over large portions of a project, and enjoy both criticism and credit.
  • You enjoy small studio culture and a connection to the broader indie game community.
  • You appreciate the sense of achievement, and the desire to make great things.
  • You find opportunities to reconcile business needs with creative vision.
  • You are exhilarated by the chance to have thousands and millions of fans directly excited by what you are working on day-to-day.

Send your resume to to be considered for this role.